Six Flags Over Texas – Arlington, TX



Six Flags over Texas occupies 212 acres in Arlington, Texas and first opened in August of 1961, celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary! It is the world’s first successful regional amusement park and the first major amusement park to introduce a “one ticket for all attractions” policy. Six Flags over Texas is also the first park to offer the world’s first log flume ride, first free-fall ride and first mine train style roller coaster.

The name chosen for the park – Six Flags over Texas – was representative of the six nations that had sovereignty over some or all of the current Texas territory: Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, United States of America and the Confederate States of America.

Celebrating five decades of thrilling family entertainment, this year is no different with an all new park closing show and the newly renovated thrilling roller coaster ride – the new Texas Giant! The Texas Giant has been renovated with steel fabrication, now boasting the steepest drop of any wooden coaster in the world at 79 degrees and the lift hill 10 feet taller than the original Texas Giant!

The park offers over 50 different rides, has 8 theatres offering live entertainment, hosts bands from across Texas, concerts and live shows. For the roller coaster enthusiast, there are 13 different coasters to experience. The Titan, for one, is 245 feet tall and boasts a top speed of 85 miles per hour!

While in Arlington, there are additional attractions to enjoy as well. Take in a ball game at Texas Ranger’s Ballpark or enjoy water activities at the nearby Six flags Hurricane Harbor. If you like football, don’t miss the nearby Cowboys Stadium. Whatever your interests, there are new and exciting memories to share with family and friends. This is the year to visit Arlington, Texas! Be sure to check out arlington.org and sixflags.com for more information.